The worship time is carefully designed to be inviting to all who seek to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, whether we are well schooled in Christian theology or simply seeking or yearning to find out who He might be in our lives. To this end we strive to be relevant to our contemporary culture while at the same time being based in Scripture. MPC strives to maintain that balance.

The Message

The weekly message is typically delivered by our pastor, Matt Royston. Occasionally, a guest minister or even members of our congregation will bring us the message. It is always our goal for the message to be based in a specific Scripture that will generate a theme for our worship experience that day; a theme that is made relevant to our modern lives through teaching, story, and illustration.


We believe it is important to include our children in worship because they are also part of God’s family. We devote some time during worship to talk with the children about our Bible theme for the day in ways that make sense for their lives. Following this time, the younger children have the opportunity to go to Grace Place, an age-appropriate learning opportunity.


Our worship music is designed to offer a relevant blend of contemporary Christian music and more traditional hymns. The music is led by our praise band which sometimes numbers as many as nine members. From time to time, our music is demonstrated on the audio page of this website. The band is open to any musician who might like to participate after an audition and the approval of our Music Director, Dara Fubler.


Immediately after the service, we enjoy a time of fellowship, cookies, coffee, conversation and caring. That time is followed by our Christian Education hour which also offers supervised activities for small children. There is more information about our Education time on the “Our Teaching” page.