I recently attended, along with lots of other people, the Global Leader Summit which was a two day live, web streaming event sponsored by Willow Creek Association. www.willowcreek.com/summit

That link takes you to a complete review and highlights. While each of the eleven presentations was outstanding and more than one ignited my passion to “bring it home,” there is one that has real relevance for MPC especially as we enter the transition from our Renovation Team to our Youth Advisory Team. That transition should be completed by April of next year and the Renovation Team is searching for just those “right” people to take over, implement, and continue our Youth Programs under the tutelage of  Jay.D. Muller.

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, titled her presentation, “Defining Leadership.” The core message, she said, is that in any organization (think Monument Presbyterian Church here) looking to develop leaders and new leadership, there are three groups. One is what she called CHANGE WARRIORS. That group makes up about 20% of the organization. The second, again about a 20% number, is the “Hell no, I won’t go there.” The larger group, about 60%,  is the skeptics, those waiting to see.

The job of the change warriors is to engage the 60% and move them toward recognizing that they can be leaders and that they want that. Leaders must have faith not only in God, but in other people.

Bemoaning the fact that no one ever volunteers for anything anymore, or twisting the arm of one of the 60% is not effective. I think we’ve seen that for as long as we’ve been in business. But that doesn’t mean we throw up our hands and walk away. We’ve done that for more than ten years now, and what we see is the same population of 20%, the change warriors, doing all the jobs and many at the same time.

One thing we have learned is that personal invitation does work, is engaging. Now we’d like to discover who might enjoy being invited.

There is not yet a “written in stone” solution. But, there is a small group of people who attended the Global Summit that has met twice in the past two weeks just to discuss how we can bring some of what we learned to this Church in a beneficial and effective way. And, there have been some interesting and hopeful ideas suggested.

I could simply tell everyone to “stay tuned.” But what I really want is to have a few people express interest in exploring with Session, with Jeff, with other church leaders how we might move forward in the ministries of this church. You don’t have to take a look at the Summit’s website if you don’t want to, but do accept the invitation to seek out someone you know or see around the Church and just remark that you saw this post and might have an interest in participating or at least in knowing more. Messaging someone on the MPC FaceBook page works, but often those messages are missed. So don’t just stop there.