We at Monument Presbyterian Church consider that everything we do in ministry is Mission or Outreach. Monument Presbyterian Church is so much more than an attractive edifice in a beautiful setting.international pilgrimage people-children-going to church We don’t exist for ourselves. Our sole purpose is to bring Jesus Christ into lives and places both near and far. Walk into our building, and the first thing you may notice is our wooden replica of the world entitled, “Jesus the Block, Around the World.”

Follow the links to Local Mission and then to Worldwide Mission to experience a brief description of how we take our passion for Christ beyond our church walls.

We follow the command that Christ gave to his followers over 2,000 years ago: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and make disciples of Jesus “in all the world.”

During worship one Sunday each month, we feature a mission project during “Minutes for Mission.” We want to feel connected with those who are ministering in Christ’s name with our resources and prayerful support.

So what is MPC doing in the world? Plenty. Join us in obedience as faithful disciples of Jesus. You will always find opportunities for outreach and service at MPC!

(For a complete listing of mission recipients and their financial support, consult our annual report available in the church office.)