Dinner at the Out Back

5:00-5:30 pm ∼ fourth Tuesday of every month ∼ Outback

The Outback is a great family setting and a way to get to know our MPC family in a different atmosphere. Some at round tables, some at long or in booths but we are together in fellowship and a meal.

We invite any who would like to join with us to come whenever it fits your schedule and budget. Who knows who you will sit next to and become acquainted with, a new sister or brother in the faith. This is your invite. Call Patti at 985 4317 for more info.

Intermission Dinner

5:30 pm ∼ Wednesday Evenings ∼ at the church.  $4.00 per person. Begins on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

Take a brief intermission in your busy week for food and fellowship.   New prograamming being developed for the fall.

Women's Book Club

7:00 pm ∼ the last Monday of the month at various homes.

Pairs and Spares

9:00 am ∼ 4th Friday of every month.

Adults of all ages are welcome to join us on our various adventures ∼museum tour, hor ice cream is usually involved. Check calendar for more information.

Men's Breakfast

7:30 am ∼ every Tuesday

We meet at Main Street Cafe, 504 Main St., Grand Junction, CO. Call Francis Hutto for more information 243-7763