What is Stephen Ministry ?

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one caring ministry for those in our church and community who could benefit from a good listener and someone to pray with or for them. It is appropriate for anyone experiencing a major transition or challenge in life.

These specially trained caregivers reflect Jesus’ unconditional love and acceptance, listening with empathy and honoring confidentiality as they meet with a person weekly for about an hour, continuing for as many weeks as is beneficial. The goal is to create a safe environment where either Christian or non-Christian persons can address issues such as divorce, grief, a terminal illness, loss of a job, relocation, an empty nest, retirement, hospitalization, loneliness and many other stresses or challenges.

Becoming a Stephen Minister

A Stephen Minister is a caring volunteer who has received 50 hours of training, learning skills such as active listening, reflecting feelings, assertiveness, and boundaries. Training includes topics such as grief, hospitalization, divorce, death, other crises and confidentiality. I'm listening.

Stephen Ministers work as a team, supporting one another in their faith and caregiving skills. They recognize God as the “cure-giver” and their role as caregiver.

If you are interested in the excellent training to become a Stephen Minister, contact the church office or a Stephen Leader.

Requesting a Stephen Minister

A person may request a Stephen Minister for themselves by contacting the church office at 255-6549 or Referrals Coordinator Mary Jane Hutto @ 243-7763. Your request will be confidential.

Stephen Ministry care is available all over the world so we can help you connect someone with a Stephen Minister in another area.

If you know someone who is experiencing a tough time and would like to recommend Stephen Ministry, encourage that person to learn more about Stephen Ministry so that they can make that decision for themselves. Consider these tips ∼

∼ Speak to them about the benefits of having an unbiased listener who will not give advice.

∼ Give them a brochure, which is located in the kiosk and the Care Corner of the church.

∼ Ask if you could arrange for someone to provide more information about Stephen Ministry to them.

∼ If they decline your offer, wait a couple of weeks and ask again. Most of us decline help when it is first offered.