In mid-August we began a year-long journey through the Old Testament. Perhaps you remember the hymn, “Tell Me The Old, Old Story.” Well, we are calling this series, “The Even Older, Old Old Story.”

While a year seems like a long-time to spend on a sermon series, we are actually going to be moving quickly. We will be looking at the major stories and turning points that occur. Most of the texts will be familiar. However, instead of looking deeply at the details of each moment, we will study these major stories with an eye to how they connect to the “Big Picture.” There is an overall story line that runs through the entire Old Testament that each individual story fits into. Our goal is to figure out how.

So why this approach?

What is to be gained by this high-level overview? Well, the reality is, we are used to studying scripture at an in-depth level. We usually look very closely at a particular book of the bible. We pay close attention to each word, and we study the unique context of the writing.  To use a common metaphor, we seek to learn about a forest by studying a particular tree very carefully! And let me be clear, this is a GREAT way to study scripture. Down the road, we WILL return to sermons that approach scripture this way.

Staring at a tree...

However, staring closely at a tree doesn’t tell us what we need to know about the forest.  So, we will get to know the big picture. We will talk a lot about the “over-arching narrative” of God’s redemption story. And if we do a good job with it, we will have a much better foundation for getting back to the details of those individual books.

I’m really excited to be on this journey.

It will take a fair amount of time and will require a certain endurance. However, I believe the work will be rewarding. I believe we will understand our Lord in a fresh sense.

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